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Connect: Linking utility accounts


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Desktop, Mobile

Connect is a pre-built application designed by Urjanet to assist customers in linking utility accounts to Urjanet services. Customers can use these services to see utility account information, utility invoices, and utility consumption data. Connect comes in two main layouts: Full Screen and iFrame. In addition, iframe provides customers with a smaller widget that customers can embed into the website of their choice.


Connect supports over 6000 utility providers. Over time, providers have required additional steps for user authentication. To provide customer access to these providers, Connect must support multifactor authentication(MFA).

Main Goals

  • Improve Connect to support MFA
  • Add an extra element to retain user attention
Connect was a single screen application prior to redesign

New User flow

The new user flow accounted for MFA behaviors

Connect-specific Components

Sample Screens of New Design

Google Analytics behavior map

This is an example of the iframe being utilized in a website