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Redzone is a mobile navigation application dedicated to giving users alternative GPS routes and provides users more situational awareness. The application utilizes crime data to identify areas to avoid on their commutes. Redzone systems calculate two main routes: the fastest route and the safest route. The fastest route has the lowest ride time, but the safest route avoids areas of high crime activity called red zones.


The CEO taking international trips and not knowing the safe places to visit inspired the creation of Redzone. Many visitors tend to lack the knowledge and situational awareness shared by residents; locals know which areas are known for crime and safety. Additionally, tourists and real estate prospects do plenty of research into locations of interest.

At this time, Redzone had a reputation for having a clunky user experience; this was mainly in the navigation feature.

Main Goals

  • Redesign: The app was redesign to give users a more standard GPS navigation experience. And to include new features to provide more control in curating their routes.
  • New sources: New sources of information, such as news articles, police reports, and community-generated posts, were introduced to the application. The data would ideally give users a greater understanding of why the app deemed some areas unsafe; it provided an evidence-based perspective.

Before Redesign

Previous Design -1
Previous Design 2

Our Design Process

  • Ideate/Design: Following the visual guidelines provided by the Director of Product. The UX team redesigned screens and restructured features to give a better experience. 
  • Tech Review: In an agile environment, tech reviews allowed the product team to conference with the dev teams to determine what product initiatives were technically feasible within the time constraints given to us. The dev team also used this time to voice any concerns about features missing requirements.
  • UX Review/Quality Assurance: Collaborating with the QA team to answer the following:
    • Will our app meet product requirements?
    • Have we minimized or eliminated significant bugs?
    • Will stakeholders be satisfied with the future release?
Meeting notes
Meeting notes – 2
User flow on whiteboard


New designs
New designs 2